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Types of drapes or curtains include corner drapes, modern drapes, themed drapes, traditional style drapes including custom drapes for bedrooms or corner windows that meet together and are decorated in a way that enhances the overall room appearance.

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Choosing Drapes For Your Window Treatments
When choosing window treatments consider the overall feel of the room and your own personal style. Sometimes the simplest window coverings are the chicest. An opulent dining room may garner the need for sumptuous brocade fabric yet hang from a simple rod, and a kitchen may find that bringing the outdoors in via a roman shade made from natural bamboo gives the feeling of green living. Whatever you decide upon, the basics are hard versus soft treatments.
Making Your Walls Look Higher With Drapes
If you want to create the illusion of height, hang the drapes high on the wall – possibly even from the ceiling to the floor. And the same can be said for width. If you want full window exposure have the curtain or drapery extend just past the window frame. Light colors will add brightness to a space and give the illusion of a larger area, where dark colors will make the space seem cozier. 
Decorating Software For Drapes
Many companies now offer decorating software so you can create a computer image of your room and try out furniture, flooring, paint colors and window treatments virtually – before you invest a lot of money. Companies like HGTV (Home and Garden TV), IKEA, and all provide the ability to create dimensional rooms where you can be the virtual Decorator or Designer. Decorating can be done on a shoestring but remember that quality products will last longer – so purchase wisely.